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OpenBay is a suite of decentralized e-commerce applications that are equitable, censorship-resistant, and privacy-preserving. OpenBay apps are built on the CyberMiles public blockchain. To take full advantage of OpenBay apps, get the CyberMiles mobile app or install the Venus extension on your Chrome brower.

Limited offers: Oximeter, Medical face masks, KN95 masks

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medical masks

Medical masks



KN95 masks



A censorship-resistant and privacy-preserving marketplace to buy and sell anything! Buyers can pay via credit card or CMTs. Satisfaction guaranteed through escrow payments held in smart contracts.

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Smart auctions that automatically generate cash-back rebates as you bid. Profit even if you do not win the final bids! Cryptocurreny payments.

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Medicine for less

Cross-border medicine can be life saving, but they are also great safety concerns. OpenBay smart contracts enable safer and improved medicine buying experience.

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